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At Sage Home Inspection, we provide professional and reliable home inspection services across Long Island, NY. We know your house is your most valuable asset and we want to help you protect it. We, therefore, conduct detailed and thorough inspections that help homeowners make informed decisions!

With the use of modern technology and advanced equipment we are able to identify issues that even a seasoned contractor might overlook. A home is a complicated system, and a home inspection in Long Island, NY, validates for you that your home is safe, secure and structurally sound.

Best Home Inspector Long Island NY

When hiring a home inspector in Long Island, make sure that you entrust only a professional and experienced inspector with the inspection. Only a trained inspector is adept at accurately identifying shortcomings in a house. But you need worry about home inspectors at Sage Home Inspections, as we have only the best in our team!

We are trained, New York State licensed and InterNACHI certified. We keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the home inspection industry through continued education and regular training. Instead of doing a quick walk around the property, our inspectors inspect every component deeply. This is why our findings are more revelatory.

Affordable Long Island Home Inspection Services

Our inspection services are very reasonably priced as we do not want you to put off inspection fearing high costs. We want to help as many homeowners as possible with their decisions. We strive to provide you with every piece of information that is important for you.

So whether you are a buyer looking for your dream home, a seller listing your house for sale, or a realtor facilitating a real estate transaction, a home inspection in Long Island is what will help you have a seamless experience.

Call us today to hire the best home inspector in Long Island, NY!

Inspection services


Residential Inspections

Have you found your dream home and are about to sign the dotted lines? We advise you to not rush with the purchase. There might be a lot of hidden defects and issues that can go unnoticed. Therefore, a residential inspection is important to help you make an informed decision about the purchase.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, which is why it has to feel right. A residential inspection will give you the confidence to go ahead with the purchase and avoid unnecessary costs of repairs later on.

New Home inspection

New Home Inspections

Homeowners generally like to opt for newly constructed homes when buying a house, as these seem to be safer options as compared to old houses. But new homes can have hidden defects and potential issues that can go unnoticed by the naked eye.

A new home inspection brings attention to problems that need to be addressed prior to moving in. As your new home nears the final stages of completion, it’s easier and more convenient to get these issues addressed as you have the attention of the contractor, and the house is unfurnished and the areas are accessible.

New Home inspection

Property Repairs Inspections

Have you recently got renovation or repairs done in your property? Then a property repairs inspection is what you should opt for. Because, despite paying close attention to all intrinsic details and workmanship, there are chances that the job was not carried out to the expected standards.

A property repairs inspection involves inspection of HVAC, plumbing & drainage system, electrical system, mold growth, foundation, roof, attic, insulation and other structural components. This type of inspection can help you identify loose ends or new issues that may have arisen because of the repair work.

New Home inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection

If you are listing your house for sale, a pre-listing inspection can help you identify faults and defects in your house early on, and provide insight into problems that may put off a buyer or derail a sale.

By taking a timely action and performing the necessary repairs, a seller can then quote a better price for the house, have a smooth transaction with the buyers and speed up the selling process. This also helps you prepare for a pre-purchase inspection.

New Home inspection

Get Inspection Report Within 24 Hours

With Sage Home Inspection, you can now access your report within 24 hours of the inspection. We provide you with a comprehensive report in which we document our findings with the help of illustrations and detailed captions.

You can be assured of an honest and unbiased perspective about the condition of the home from us!



  • Advanced EquipmentWe use modern technology and state of the art equipment for our inspections. This allows us to accurately identify faults and defects in the home.
  • Trained & Licensed InspectorWe are trained, New York State licensed and InterNACHI certified professionals. Our extensive experience and vast knowledge is unmatched.
  • Reliable & Unbiased InspectionsSince we have no vested interest in the real estate transaction, You can be assured of an honest and unbiased perspective about the condition of the home from us.
  • Detailed Inspection ReportsWe provide you with a comprehensive report in which we document our findings with the help of illustrations and detailed captions.



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